Monday, May 19, 2014

Life's Plot Twists and Changes

Hello (Again) Everyone,

If I read a novel with as many plot twists as I've found in my life, I'd probably be just as confused as those of you who wonder exactly what is going on with this project and blog. But the one twist that has not yet happened is that I have not quit. :-)

To see what I am doing now, please visit where I am training myself to write more regularly by doing a daily blog on readings from the first five books of the Bible (Torah Portions), and have kept that up successfully for 9 months now.

As for what happened with this blog and project...

  • I went back to work too early, and then fell at work, so I required another surgery that was much harder on me.
  • The second surgery has not been nearly as successful.
  • Between the injury and fibromyalgia, I've been in a lot of pain and have an abundance of fatigue, but through God's mercy and grace, I still walk in the joy of His presence, and I'm still able to type and communicate.
  • I've had some family issues that have included sickness and death, and I put all my stuff on the back burner. I'm still playing catchup in the midst of ever-changing issues.
  • In June of 2013, we moved from Kentucky to Indiana. I'm still unpacking. LOL
  • In March of 2014, a nephew overdosed and has miraculously come out of his coma and is now in my care (as of May 2014) where I'm working to convince him that God loves him and that He gives second chances for a reason. It's more time and effort away from writing, but for his salvation, that's an easy exchange.
  • And, finally, I'm spending way too many hours trying to fix things that are wrong with the new Blogger interface--not only for my blog but for other writers I work with, so I'm going to work on getting the project and blog moved over to Wordpress.

Stick with me, especially in prayer, and we will see God bring "Good Morning, Christian Writer" to fruition in its time. Thank you for all who continue to trust God with me for the benefit of this project and getting His word out to others.

Many blessings to all of you in everything you do--and write--for Christ.



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