Monday, January 22, 2007

Blogger Problems & New Deadline

Hello All,

I will try to keep this short as one of the reasons no one has heard from me is due to nerve pain in my arms from a ruptured disk in my neck. It's hard taking any time to write or edit like this and I've been trying to get something done about it (and avoid surgery) since October.

So, a few times I have come to blogger to try and update, and since they moved everything to the new blogger, I have had a variety of problems. I thought maybe they would be fixed when things got out of beta, but it didn't help. I can no longer post my Psalm 23 parody, "The Lord is my Editor" because my profile won't allow any html tags. When I looked for help on it, nothing came up at first, but I just found the answer and it was supposedly fixed back in September. I also found the answer as to why my favorites (in my profile) suddenly won't react as links anymore and as of January 9th, they know this problem still exists. I guess that's why when I wrote to them for help, I got no response. It's frustrating though because I have always been a big fan of Google (who owns blogger) and have sent a lot of people here, but now I am having my doubts & these troubles keep me online longer than my pain wants me to be here.

Anyway, so that about sums up my lack of communication, other than two family deaths, a computer crash, the holidays, and other general life business. In the meantime, I am trying to get reenergized about this project and I hope to get a whole bunch more submissions, even if it means a whole bunch more work. I enjoy reading the great testimonies and exercises so many writers are sending in, and I guarantee this book will be an awesome work to have on any writer's shelf.

I said all of the above to bring you to the news to please keep writing for guidelines and keep sending submissions. The new current deadline is February 28th, 2007, and I will try to get in touch with everyone by then to let you know what happens from there. I will try to begin working on the proposal next week so we can get a firm contract from the publisher as well.

Take care all and keep living - and writing - for Him.


Donna J. Shepherd said...

Crystal! I'm sorry to hear of your health woes. Sounds painful! I will add you to my prayer list.

But it's also good to hear from you, and that you are still excited about your project. I pray God blesses all your efforts.

~Crystal A Murray said...

Thank you, Donna. I believe your prayers have already begun to make changes. I have also recently realized how God used this to pull me out of the picture somewhat in the planning of KCWC so the new coordinator could see just how much God can do with a willing vessel. I could not jump in and take up the slack as I am used to doing so she had to depend on God and He came through wonderfully--as He always does.